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Skyblade™ - Classic and Wave series

Skyblade™ operable louvre roofs provide the best of both worlds and truly blur the indoor-outdoor experience.

With the press of a button you can either close the louvres to protect from rain, or micro adjust the louvres to shade you from direct sun yet still provide a sense of openness and ventilation.

Proudly New Zealand designed and owned, our Skyblade designs are unique to Sunblade as are our engineered, and where required, technical solutions to custom projects.

Sunblade believe that their systems should be designed, manufactuered and installed to the highest quality and use silent motor drives from Denmark on the majority of their projects - ensuring not only relibaility but peace of mind over the life of your Skyblade™ solution.

We have two suites to select from - both offering unparrelled quality.

Classic - Our original Skyblade, with a recatangular appearance.

Wave Series - Offering a smoother slightly curved appearance to the underside when closed.